Kana Mizue

Chief Operations Officer
Kana Mizue
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Kana Mizue

Chief Operations Officer

Hi I am Kana, our Chief Operations Officer. You will see me at the open houses with Jake (we see each other all the time being partner's in life and business!), but I mainly run the backend of the company.

A lot of our clients have told Jake and I that our strengths would be highly complemented in our own business - so we took the plunge, and get to deliver a service based agency, rather than a price and volume driven model which is the traditional method. Although we work with less clients and sell less houses, we get to help people that need the help, and help them with everything - not just a quick sale and goodbye! A lot of our clients are downsizing or retiring, and need help with both buying and selling, this is our niche, and we are proud of it.

My background over the last 15 years has and still is as a Senior Accountant. It has become my passion to help businesses run more efficiently through process improvement.

I pride myself on my hard work and dedication to my career, originally coming to Australia at the age of 15 by myself from Japan. I completed my own schooling, studies, training and studied very hard...I am goal orientated and focused on achieving the best outcome for our clients, our partners, and national and international investors.

In February 2018, my partner Jake and I opened People Estate Agents, and built from the ground up. It was scary, exciting and always a passion of ours to move away from working for someone, and start our own business.

I understand everything about starting and running a small business, operations, automation, best practice and process.

I have a true passion in adding values and assisting business owners to solve their pain points.

Areas of Expertise:
- Process improvement
- Cloud based solutions
- Xero training
- Business performance coaching
- Budgeting and forecasting
- Management accounting
- Business valuations
- Business advisory
- Business tax planning
- Tax consulting

On a side note, I was the Queensland news reporter for SBS Japanese radio program for nearly 12 years.

I work directly with Jake Dwyer's clients, and support our agents in the operations, administration and finance side.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to being of service!

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