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"Excellent, warm hearted and honourable"

"We found Jake and Kana to be an excellent team. Their skills and expertise compliment each other
and together they offer a client an exceptional range of ability and service.

As a real estate agent, Jake is blessed with a particular set of talents. He has a brilliant ability to
really listen and understand people’s perspective. We found that a wide range of prospective buyers
all indicated how easy they found him to relate to and how different they found him from what they
had previously encountered in his profession.

Jake builds exceptional rapport with people and is then able to influence people to hear his opinion
and perspectives. His interpersonal skills, in short are exceptional.

Jake also has tremendous tenacity and persistence. His business model involves him working with
four properties/clients at a time. We found that he was able to thoroughly follow up every enquiry
and influenced nearly every person who inspected the home to come back a second time. He does
his research and so is able to talk with potential buyers about relevant similar sales in that area or
comparable ones. His ability to engage with people’s concerns and for comparisons with other
properties is exceptional.

We had wondered if such an honourable and warm hearted agent would be good at the tricky end
of hard negotiation. We were delighted to see that it is in fact his favourite part of the process.
Twice we witnessed him achieve what the client had asked for and then a little more. That is quite a

At the end of the whole process, we found ourselves inviting Jake and Kana over for drinks and/or a
meal on a number of occasions. Nice people and highly competent in their field".


Jane & Jenny

Sold for $1,380,000

Mt Samson