Does an office work for you or
do you just work for an office? 

People4U is the future of real estate for the independent professional agent who embrace change, technology, innovation and autonomy.


Don't settle for 70%, 75%, 80% commissions and pay 20 to 30% for you to work from home. 

Our model pays you 90% up to 95% commission, there are no franchise fees, no hidden costs, just pure friendly support, access to all the latest tools you need to run your business and grow.


Sell 10 per year or 100, we are here to give you the money you deserve and help your business grow, and you enjoy your life without the traditional crap that has gone on in the industry.


Stress less, earn more, become your own Director, run a team, work from where you want to work, make yourself rich, not a principal.

Set up yourself for your future, and enjoy a true work / life balance, and the support to help you manage and grow your personal brand.

So what's in it 4U? 

90% Commission

Say goodbye to principals!


Become your own Director and watch what happens to your reputation!


You are the brand! 

People list with people not the brand, or franchise. 

Become the individual you are known and loved for by your clients, showcase you and let us support your personal brand. 


Our comprehensive agent support team have got you covered, so you can do what you do best...

List, Sell, Holiday, Repeat!


The latest technology sourced from over 190 property apps, simplified into one system to help you run your business in 2020 and beyond!