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Does an office work for you or do you just work for an office?

Don't just settle for 70-85% commission, earn up to 97% instead.

We offer experienced agents the opportunity to work for themselves, with the support of the people estate agents virtual office, support and resources.

Brand yourself and stop giving all your commission to a principal, or property network.

Some brands offer 70%, 80% or 90% and a variation of services, usually paid for, we are offering 90-97% commission, full support and the ability to run your own show.

We have made our system very easy to use, so you can focus on listing and selling property.

Our team has over 17 years' experience in running offices, accounting, creating businesses.

We have designed our system for the independent professional who embrace change, technology, innovation and autonomy.

So what is in it for you?


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$20,000 OF $80,000

In the world of the mobile agent, why settle for anything less than 85 to 95%? You need 15% of this to run your business. At 70% or 80%, you might as well stay with an old franchise model. 

90% Commission
($80,001 to $499,999)

Hub offices
Weekly team meetings
70% commissions
Restricted marketing and branding

95% Commission
( $500,000+)

Become your own Director and watch what happens to your income, business and reputation.




You are the brand, we embrace agents running their own brand, powered by the People team.

People list with people not the brand, or franchise.

Don't build your franchise's brand, build your brand, 4U.
Become the individual you are known and loved for by your clients, showcase you and let us support your personal brand.


    •    Our comprehensive agent support team have got you covered, so you can do what you do best...
    •    List, sell, enjoy your time, repeat!
    •    Your 5-10% includes:
    •    In-house CPA CTA Accountant
    •    In-house Marketing Experts
    •    In-house Professional Designers
    •    Seasonal marketing designed for you.
    •    Customised marketing and branding  
    •    Contract processing
    •    Administration support
    •    Premier subscription
    • subscription
    •    Realworks  
    •    Australian support team based in Brisbane
Plus plenty more...


Did you know there are over 190 apps available to agents to help them run their businesses?
Our model simplifies the latest technology into one efficient system so you can easily manage your listings, sales, administration, contracts and clients.

We are constantly adapting and enhancing our brand and systems so we stay at the forefront of the new world of digital real estate, without implementing systems that will cost you thousands of dollars.
Our proven tech based systems have helped our clients' business, income, time-management, and life/work balance.
With the income you earn, you also have the capability of implementing systems your previous agency has declined, so you can run your own show, 4U.


When you are earning nearly 95% commission, you can afford to hire the best trainers in the country.
We recommend Tom Panos Gym as the primary source of training, Josh Phegan, Glen Twiddle, Sherrie Storor and for life coaching, Tony Robbins.
Don't be guided by your principal or franchises trainers, create your own relationship with your preferred trainer and watch your business excel...
It's your income, it's your life!

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